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So what’s a “free spirit” anyways? It’s you when your spirit feels free. In even simpler language – it’s you getting to be completely YOURSELF.


Free Spirit Academy is a diet-label and self-improvement-free zone. Why? Because diet labels and self-improvement projects don’t really get us where we want to go.


Diet labels keep you from listening to your body and self-improvement projects often just keep you distracted from really knowing yourself.


And you’re awesome, so I wouldn’t want that.


Here’s what FSA is about:








Free Spiritedness is anything but passive. As one of my favorite quotes says: It takes discipline to be a free spirit.














It takes discipline to show up as yourself when the world wants you to fit a mold.


It takes courage to look at all the ways you’ve shamed or shut down pieces of yourself.


It takes guts to be free.














Who runs this place? I’m Rande.  Eating Psychology Coach. Kundalini Yoga Teacher. Founder of Free Spirit Academy and author of The Eat to Feel Good “Diet”. I spent most of my life battling binge eating disorder and orthorexia. My quest to heal brought me to the extreme of taking on a 90-day juice fast. When the “self-improvement” path didn’t lead to freedom, I gave it all up for self-love and expression. I now guide women from painful relationships with food and their bodies to lightness and liberation.


I’m here for you if you’ve been on every diet imaginable, and it’s made your head spin.



I’m here for you if you’ve read every book in the book on emotional eating and you still can’t end your day without stuffing yourself.



I’m here for you if you’re exhausted from trying to “fix” yourself



I’m here for you because I was among TOO MANY WOMEN spending her precious life-force obsessing about food and hating her body.



If you want to read more about my story, click here. 










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