Coming Home to Your Body.











Y’know that feeling when you’ve polished off that bowl of spicy curry, your stomach is saying “oh good lord, no more…” but your mind is all “where did I stash that half-eaten chocolate bar?”



Ok, what about this one: That single bite of creamy tiramisu unleashes an unstoppably shame-filled marathon of hand-to-mouth action.



Or how about the days where you’d like nothing more than to kick your boss in the face (but you don’t because you’re a good, love-filled yogi) and the only pleasure that will bring you down to earth is in a piping-hot bowl of “insert-your-guilty-pleasure-here”.


I hear you.













You want to feel good.




But sometimes…feeling your feelings feels like being crushed under the weight of an impossibly heavy burden.



You eat in a way that distracts from those feelings which feels *kinda* good…but isn’t the real deal.



The good stuff is in us and if we’re not connected to our fabulous soul cases**, we’ll keep on settling for second best in a tub of coconut milk ice cream.



 ((**oh god, I can’t believe I said that. I read it when I was Googling synonyms for “body” and thought to myself “This is fantastically ridiculous. I must use it.”)) 




So. How do we get to this supposed “good stuff”?




How do connect back to our bodies so we can hear what they need and spend more time feeling amazing?



Well…it’s a practice.



Ok, ok, maybe you’ve tried this whole “meditation” thing before and it didn’t work.



Maybe your were bored outta’ your skull or your mind spun faster than the Disney teacup ride when your little brother was hell-bent on making you vomit (oh…that was just me?).


I hear you and I’m here to ((digitally…)) hold your hand through each of the next 21 days until the practice of “being with yourself” becomes a habit sweeter than a chocolate bar and coconut milk ice cream smoothie.



I want you to feel more than just “good”. I want you to feel wildly free, deliciously alive, and completely at home in your skin.




“Coming Home to Your Body” is a 21 day guided meditation and mindful eating course and challenge.



Here’s what you’ll get:


A daily, 4-minute, guided meditation download, designed to help you get into your body and out of your head.


A 21-day challenge to slow down with food + daily inspiration and guidance.


$100 $69 This weekend only!!















I’m Rande. I’m an Eating Psychology Coach who recovered from over 15 years of binge eating and disorder. I tried everything you can imagine to find peace in my body. I’ve been a raw foodist, a low-carber, and a fruitarian. I’ve gone on juice fasts lasting up to 90 days at a time (you read that right). I’ve gotten hundreds of colonics, paid hundreds for workout programs, and read every book I could get my hands on fix myself…until I realized I didn’t need fixing. When I exhausted my options and could no longer live with my head in the toilet bowl, I gave up. I gave up trying to remedy myself and began to love myself. And that…is the extremely condensed version of how I found freedom. I want freedom for you too.

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