Free Spirit Academy

Free Spirit Academy is for you if you want nothing more than to feel utterly liberated in your skin.


You want to…

Enjoy your precious life without constantly thinking about food.

Heal emotional and binge eating…without willpower and coping strategies.

Know what it’s like to live in a body you love.


Not only that…

You want to go deeper.

You want to heal and then you want to THRIVE.

Free Spirit Academy is a membership site dedicated to your thriving.


What you’ll get:

Access to every past course.

New LIVE courses every couple of months.

Access to our private Facebook group for further support, inspiration, and exclusive offerings.


Current Available Courses:


Binge FreedomLearn how to heal from binge, emotional and compulsive eating. Includes 5 audio classes, journaling pages, and a recommended reading list.

Liberated – Learn how to end food obsession, trust your body, and eat intuitively rather than depending on the latest diet. Includes 5 audio classes, journaling pages, and a recommended reading list.

Body Love – Learn what it’s like to feel utterly free in your skin and loving towards your body. This 30-day program includes 4 hour-long audio classes, journaling pages, a recommended reading list and kundalini yoga to support the journey. 

Coming Home to Your Body- 21 days of guided, 4-minute meditations designed to get you connected to your body.

Body TrustLearn HOW to listen to your body rather than relying on diet programs, gurus, or anyone outside of yourself.


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“My background pretty much consists of your typical awkward teenager coupled with a love of food, health, fitness, creativity, anxiety, OCD and perfectionism. As with everyone, life got so busy so quickly and the years just seemed to pass by, seemingly without my even really paying that much attention, until I sudden felt like my life was heading in a direction I wasn’t happy with. As my unhappyness and anxiety levels increased, so did my weight… and the first diet started, closely followed with binge eating/bulimia. So I took charge of my life (apperently running away to the opposite site of the country and completely changing my carrer was what I felt I needed to do). I got back on track and I was good.. I was happy.. I was free.. for about 5 years..
Then I had my first baby… and I’m assuming that post natal depression poked it’s ugly little head in, and then a series of events (I’ll spare you all the when, where, why and how’s) started to unravel me. My anxiety, OCD and perfectionism hit all new heights.
But I was determined I could fix it all like I did last time, but with a family, mortgages etc it’s not so easy to pack up and run away, so I convinced myself that if I just got fit, healthy, and lost some weight, I’d be right as rain, or at least it would be a starting point. But… turns out it doesn’t quite work like that.
So after 5 years of on and of binging/bulima, anxiety, OCD, and my desperate desire to feel in control of my life, and be the mother and partner my childern and husband deserved. I begain reading book after book, scouring the net for hours on end looking for the cure that I wasn’t even convinced existed. That’s when I stumbled across Rande and her amazing new program, Free Spirit Academy. Rande has an amazing way of making you see just how easy life can be if you want it and has created a program that has all the tools and techniques you’ll need to reach your goals, your freedom. The audios and guided meditation sessions (my favorite as I had never been able to quite figure out the whole meditation thing), coupled with the worksheets and the support of the private Facebook group, has an amazing uplifting and positive effect that makes your journey so much easier to commit to.
I couldn’t be happier to have found Rande’s program and I can definitely say that my life is on an upward journey to the true and complete freedom I know I can have and deserve 💗











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