I Don’t Believe in Moderation.

I Don’t Believe in Moderation.

Hear me out now.

Here’s my problem with “everything in moderation”: It doesn’t actually get us in touch with our own bodies.

It’s a vague *out there* idea that allows us to eat “a little of this and a little of that” and pat ourselves on the back for “eating in moderation”.

Moderation. isn’t. intuition.

(It’s really a diet-y concept, isn’t it, this whole idea of “eating as little as possible”?)

It doesn’t take into account how our OWN bodies respond to what we’re eating.

I could eat a single slice of pizza every morning for breakfast and call it “moderation” while ignoring the fact that MY body feels pretty yucky when I choose that option day after day.

On the “other side” of things, I might create rituals and routines around what my own body clearly thrives on.

Example: I drink green juice every gosh darn morning.

Some would find that a drudgery or “too extreme” but in my own experience, it feels effortless and normal.

I make no attempts to “moderate” my green juice because it looks “diet-y” and I don’t want to look like I’m on a diet.

I also can’t even remember the last time I had pizza.

Does that mean I have a “no pizza” rule?

No, it just means that I know what’s worth it and what isn’t in my OWN body and my OWN experience.

There’s no “average day” for an intuitive eater because we each live in different bodies, have different histories, and want different things.


We don’t fit into boxes.

And here’s what’s gonna make it “work”:

1. Being awake in our bodies and learning to LISTEN to them.

2. Knowing how we want to feel (not just physically, emotional fulfillment is important too!!) and eating to support that.

:::So I don’t do moderation and I don’t do anyone else’s “rules” – I eat to feel GOOD and my body leads the way.

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