If You’re Going to Eat Emotionally, Do It Like This.

If You’re Going to Eat Emotionally, Do It Like This.

I don’t believe in fighting emotional eating.

In fact, I don’t even believe emotional eating is wrong!

So why bother addressing it at all?

Well…as long as we’re stuffing ourselves instead of FEELING and EXPERIENCING what life is bringing us in that moment, we’re missing out on LIVING FULLY.

:::We’ve all been there, right?

Shoving our face with cookies the moment we get home from a shitty day at work?

Trip after trip to the cupboard for chips because we’re just…bored?

Late night containers of cookie dough ice cream while binge watching Orange is the New Black because, well, we’re starting our diet tomorrow?

:::All of this accompanied by that voice in our heads:

“ONE more bite and I’m DONE, I’ve got to stop eating like this…”

“Just eat everything NOW and then I’ll never binge again, TOMORROW is a fresh start!!”

“Oh my god, oh my god, STOP STOP STOP, why can’t you get it together??”


If you’re aching to live fully and feel like all your energy is going into eating or NOT eating…give up the fight.

And try this… – Decide how you want to FEEL and be very clear on it. When I did this, I realized I wanted to feel FREE, MAGICAL, and LIGHT.

– Instead of fighting the urges that pop up, just NOTICE them and proceed consciously.

– Before putting anything in your mouth, take 3 DEEP BREATHS and become aware of all your senses.

– When you begin to eat, DON’T ZONE OUT. Even if it’s emotional, even if you’re not hungry, even if you’re eating Twix bars.

– Move on with ACCEPTANCE AND LOVE and notice how it made you feel. Do you feel light and energized or heavy and weighed down? Do you feel more alive or numbed out? Did this experience truly lead you to feeling the way you wanted to feel- beyond those initial first bites?

Eat to tune IN, not to tune OUT.

Our compulsions to zone out can teach us so much and with lots of time and loving attention, we can begin to let them go easily- without the fight.


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