Intuition is Never Frantic.

Intuition is Never Frantic.

We want to be free.

We want to be able to listen to our bodies and say “fuck it” to diets.

We want to trust our intuitions…or do we?

When I first began liberating myself from food/body prison, I simply wanted to do whatever I wanted.

That was freedom.

What I wanted, when I wanted.

It was awesome.

That part of me that had never felt like it was okay to just EAT without guilt felt liberated.

I fell in love with myself because I was no longer trying to FIX myself.

I made peace with food.

And?…what was intuitive for me at first, wasn’t where my intuition lead me later.

I was able to totally relax into eating “whatever/whenever” for the period of time that it served me.

But with just enough time, intuition began pulling.

There was curiosity. A knowing that there was more.

That I could be free with food, and free in my body AND make choices that left me feeling incredibly WELL in my skin…because at this point, I wasn’t.

…because the part of myself I was calling “I” in this equation was wounded, confused, and unable to see beyond the moment.

If you feel pulled towards something, whether it’s food, a book, a path, or a teacher – and it feels frantic, overly exciting, like this is IT and you must do it NOW…hold off.

That’s not intuition.

That knee-jerk desire for bagels when you know that gluten hurts your belly isn’t intuition.

That gotta-have-it feeling you get when you pass the fast “food” place you’ve always felt guilty about isn’t intuition.

Even that feeling of content control you get when you choose the foods that fit into your diet plan isn’t intuition.

Intuition isn’t knee-jerk or urgent.

It’s subtle and open.


There’s room for honoring the knee-jerk, free-for-all, whatever-I-want period.

In fact, it’s vital.

And it’s equally as vital that we don’t place rigid rules on ourselves, EVEN if our body says it doesn’t like a particular thing.

So honor it…and slow down.

As long as you’re TRULY enjoying and staying present for it, you’re in the perfect place.

When it starts feeling stale and you feel a gentle desire for MORE – honor THAT.

The next phase is harder, no doubt – but we can learn to challenge ourselves with ease.

For now?

Just observe.

Watch yourself.

No shaming – just get CURIOUS if what you’re pursuing is intuition or instinct.

Get CURIOUS if you’re still feeling joyful about this whole path.

Get CURIOUS about your next steps.

And soften – curiosity in an open and soft body will take you everywhere.

Written by

Rande Moss

Eating Psychology Coach. Kundalini Yoga Teacher. Guide to Food & Body Freedom.
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