Making Friends with Trigger Foods.

Making Friends with Trigger Foods.

Binge Triggers.

Mine was almond butter (well, I had a million but nut butters had a prime position on my list of “no-no’s”).

My version of “self-care” was NOT BUYING IT.

Staying safe.

Keeping it out of the house.

Somewhere in the back of my mind, I figured that once I got my “dream body”, I’d be peaceful enough to handle a little almond butter now and then…but at the time?

I saw myself as a weak-willed, ravenous, uncontrollable-around-all-things-pleasure- monster.

I needed to keep myself reined in tight…unfortunately those reins had a tendency to snap.

The more tightly I held them…the more restricted my diet…the more I hated my body…the more ravenous I became – until I realized what I was really ravenous for:

…my own self-acceptance.Ā 

A chance to exist in my own skin without constantly trying to change it.

What if instead of changing the outside circumstances, we first change the inside ones?


What if we focused on transforming our inner worlds rather than our inner thighs?


What if we stopped “starting over” and fell in love with the moment?

Would we still feel like “trigger foods” held the power?

I have a feeling we wouldn’t.



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