Work with Me

You ache for…


…the ability to TRUST yourself around food rather than eating your way through a pile of cheese-covered-cheeseballs whenever life gets crazy.


…a sense of aliveness in your body and comfort in your skin…rather than feeling weighed down by bloating, extra weight, a foggy head, and an endless barrage of  negative thoughts.


…pleasure bigger than chocolate and a purpose bigger than your next diet.


 I’ve been right where you are.


Spending every waking hour daydreaming about my next meal.

Constantly tightening the reins on my diet and devouring every self-help book in my path.

Binge eating my way into a hole of shame and nausea.



I believed my eating issues were beyond healing.


Maybe you’ve read ALL the books on emotional eating and you STILL feel out of control around food.

Maybe you tried that whole “trusting your body” thing and ended up bingeing your way through the rest of the week

Maybe you’re worried that you can’t be helped.


 You can. You CAN feel free. Light. Alive.


Even if you’ve never felt that way before.


I believe…


That women have bigger shit to do that obsess about their diet and hate their bodies.

That freedom with food and body will become freedom in every other area of life.

That pain is just an ingredient for magic and transformation.


I’m SO over…


Discipline being heavy, boring, or serious.

Calling anyone a “food addict” or being afraid of “trigger foods”.

Perfectionism and cookie-cutter journeys.


So how can I help you?


First, I want to get to know you.


I want to know your story, not just how you relate with food but how you relate with life. During our weekly, one-on-one sessions, we’ll go into topics like stress, movement, relationships, diet history, food fears, body image, old habits, sleep, and environment.


During our time together, I’ll guide you to a place of full self-trust- a place where you eventually won’t need me at all! You’ll experience freedom and I’ll equip you with the tools you need to trust yourself and your inner wisdom.


You’ll find that your transformation goes beyond just weight loss. You will undergo a completely holistic “before & after”!


What you get:


A customized mind/body wellness roadmap.


An initial 90-minute breakthrough session. 


Weekly 45-minute Skype coaching sessions.


Thorough notes e-mailed to you directly after each session.


Unlimited e-mail support while we’re working together.


Lifetime access to Free Spirit Academy Courses.



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