Stop Shutting Down Your Inner Critic

Stop Shutting Down Your Inner Critic

Y’know that voice in your head…

The one that tells you you ate too much?

That you shoulda’ “known better”?

That everyone else clearly has it together and there’s gotta be something off about you?

It’s the voice many call the “inner critic”.

We identify it.

We demonize it.

We tell it to shut the hell up so we can live our best lives.

Here’s why that’s keeping you stuck:


Your inner critic wants the best for you.

Your inner critic is so scared it hurts.

Envision your bright-eyed, innocent, 6-year-old self.

Imagine rolling your eyes at her and telling her she’s gonna get fat.

Imagine spinning her into the corner and telling her she shoulda’ “known better”.

Imagine looking her dead on and telling her there’s something wrong with her.

That’s what you’re doing to your inner critic.

The inner critic is a safety instinct.

A scared kid who’s been shut down so many times, she’s dizzy trying to keep you “acceptable”.

She’s never been able to express clearly, openly, and without fear of being told she’s “bad”.


Don’t believe the harsh things she says either.

Rather…turn towards her.

Validate her.

Create a sense of safety for her.

And begin showing her the bigger picture: that she’s not wrong, broken, or in need of fixing.

Rather she’s whole and loved and it’s safe to be herself.

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