“Rande has compassion, commitment, and perseverance. I was waiting for her to give up on me but she never did. No weary sighs indicating a question of whether I was “help-able”. Her enthusiasm is infectious. She is a living testament to the rewards of a deeply healthy lifestyle. She glows with the vibrancy of great health and the wisdom of experience. Being around Rande is like a B-12 shot. (Not that I’ve ever received one) Her coaching skills are wise and intuitive. She knows when to encourage and when to simply listen. She always has helpful workable ideas and tips. She’s about sustainable and long-lasting — not quick fixes.” – Heidi

“If you are looking for someone to help guide you to the beauty and success you want in your life, by first being encouraged to embrace where you are and came from at all levels of progress (the very foundation of how well you would actually do well)…Rande is your someone. Her skill, understanding, and experience in navigating the very challenging terrain of uncovering and setting the human potential on fire comes from her own personal work that she has invested in herself tirelessly over several years. She is well rounded in her experience and skill, graced with the gift of incredible empathy…because she has been right where you are standing.” – Wellah

“I cannot recommend this practitioner highly enough. Rande is a light in the often dark world of eating and body image struggles, and operates from an incredibly deep wisdom and experience within it. She is wonderfully kind, patient, and an excellent guide and coach on the path to a healthy relationship with food and body.” – Leslie

Working with Rande has been (and is still!) a tremendous support to me as I moved from restrictive eating to true intuitive eating. There’s freedom, true freedom, when restrictive eating is thrown out the window. And it’s amazing what unfolds as one does! It’s nothing short of life-changing. I signed up for her one on one three month program at the very end of January. I’m still in the midst of her coaching and guidance, and most importantly, it’s getting me in touch with ME (in more ways than just food…food just ends up being the surface issue. There’s so much more underneath.  – Sarah


Despite years of struggling with food issues, I have deflected any messages from family, friends, or medical professionals about doing things differently. I had a system and it was my way or the highway. Except that it didn’t work–and when it began to fall apart, I started to fall apart with it. Owing to Rande’s candidness around her own extremities of cleansing I felt a deep respect and kinship with her–she has been where I have been. It is hard for me to account for all of the eye-opening transformation that Rande Moss has brought to my life since she welcomed me into her course The Freedom Sessions. I enrolled with a level of desperation and skepticism but also a sense of openness. I felt ready to question–truly question–all the beliefs around food, dieting and body image that have been programed into me throughout my life.  Rande’s enthusiasm, support and availability have been remarkable. I feel like I have had my hand held throughout this journey which has brought about significant shifts in healing my dysfunctional approach toward food and body image.   I have moved from a place of obsessive dysfunction to discovering a level of comfort with my body and food I did not think I could ever achieve. I still have ground to cover, but the amount of support and information I have received extends beyond what I could have hoped for. With Rande’s help, I have been able to break though the dogma of obsessive dieting protocols ingrained in my head and finally hear my own clarity.  Beyond a doubt–this has been a life changing experience for me, opening up my approach to food, my body and life in a powerfully positive way. By placing my complete trust in her, she has shown me that I have all the tools and knowledge I have needed, allowing me to truly trust myself. I wholeheartedly recommend coaching experiences with Rande such as The Freedom Sessions…they really have been my path to freedom with food and more importantly the bigger picture to life! Thank you Rande! – Jessica S.



Rande’s understanding is so important in this as she has been there herself, stripping away the layers of a distorted approach to eating, and it was really helpful to me to know I wasn’t alone in taking the next steps on my journey. I thoroughly recommend this program. – Mira T.



I had been struggling with food for over 30 years when I finally reached out to Rande. I felt beaten down, confused, lost, and so very frustrated. I had tried everything (I won’t go into the long list of things), but nothing ever worked. I felt like if I couldn’t get it together for myself then I needed to do it for my two growing daughters. They were getting older and I know from experience of watching my mother, that they were paying attention to how I was feeling about myself.

I had a few coaches in mind, but when I discovered Rande I felt drawn towards her. I was on a different Facebook platform (not hers) and she had replied to one of the questions I had. The way she responded, I could feel her compassion shinning through her words. I immediately started following her on Facebook and signed up for her emails. Watching how she would respond to others I knew she would never be forceful, overbearing, or aggressive in her coaching. This was important to me, but I also wanted someone that would be completely honest and direct with me. After one complimentary session I intuitively knew she would give me that and she proved that to me over the course of my sessions. She was straight forward in her thoughts and ideas but would discuss them with me and never made me feel like it was always one road that I needed to travel down. She took the time to understand me for who I am, where I came from, and what I have been through and with this knowledge she approached me in a manner that works best with my personality. This is SO important! This made me feel safe and willing to open up and share my deepest thoughts. That’s where the breakthroughs come out!

I was still scared going into this. I felt like I would be the ONE person that she couldn’t help. I would be the ONE person she couldn’t relate to and therefore not be able to help put me back together (as if I was broken). But what I soon realized is though Rande may not come from the same background as me, may not be the same age as me, may have more differences then similarities, but what we both have in common was what was truly important. What we both wanted out of life more then anything was Freedom. Once I realized this, I let go of all of my fears and did my best to be completely vulnerable and let her help me. She guided me to that Freedom. I am so grateful for Rande because that Freedom is a BLESSING. This did take work (not gonna lie) and I had to be willing. This is a journey (not a destination) and so I have to continue with the work, but once I got that taste of what it feels like to feel that Freedom… I knew that the work was worth it, no regrets. – Jenna M.



My background pretty much consists of your typical awkward teenager coupled with a love of food, health, fitness, creativity, anxiety, OCD and perfectionism. As with everyone, life got so busy so quickly and the years just seemed to pass by, seemingly without my even really paying that much attention, until I sudden felt like my life was heading in a direction I wasn’t happy with. As my unhappiness and anxiety levels increased, so did my weight… and the first diet started, closely followed with binge eating/bulimia. So I took charge of my life (apparently running away to the opposite site of the country and completely changing my career was what I felt I needed to do). I got back on track and I was good.. I was happy.. I was free.. for about 5 years..
Then I had my first baby… and I’m assuming that post natal depression poked it’s ugly little head in, and then a series of events (I’ll spare you all the when, where, why and how’s) started to unravel me. My anxiety, OCD and perfectionism hit all new heights.
But I was determined I could fix it all like I did last time, but with a family, mortgages etc it’s not so easy to pack up and run away, so I convinced myself that if I just got fit, healthy, and lost some weight, I’d be right as rain, or at least it would be a starting point. But… turns out it doesn’t quite work like that.
So after 5 years of on and of binging/bulimia, anxiety, OCD, and my desperate desire to feel in control of my life, and be the mother and partner my children and husband deserved. I began reading book after book, scouring the net for hours on end looking for the cure that I wasn’t even convinced existed. That’s when I stumbled across Rande and her amazing program, Free Spirit Academy. Rande has an amazing way of making you see just how easy life can be if you want it and has created a program that has all the tools and techniques you’ll need to reach your goals, your freedom. The audios and guided meditation sessions (my favorite as I had never been able to quite figure out the whole meditation thing), coupled with the worksheets and the support of the private Facebook group, has an amazing uplifting and positive effect that makes your journey so much easier to commit to.
I couldn’t be happier to have found Rande’s program and I can definitely say that my life is on an upward journey to the true and complete freedom I know I can have and deserve

-Peta L.

Rande Moss!! I must say what a wonderful, full of energy, kind, and inspirational woman! From the first time we spoke i felt like we where true friends from the start. She has guided me through my journey with such an amazing attitude! I’ve learned so much about myself and my binging!! And I am on a continuing journey learning about my eating habits and emotions!! I never thought i would be free of obsessive food and self negativity on body image. I always hoped there would be a way, some magical solution to my binging and guilt habits but now I have learned thanks to Rande that there is no solution but a continuous journey that allows me to explore and feel. It is so much easier than the constant long term guilt I have put myself through all these years. Rande, I want to thank you for this new way of looking at things, its amazing and it has helped me through a lot and it will continue to help me through my whole life. Xxxx
-Daniela D.

Sad. Mad. Frustrated. Shameful. Depressed. Ugly. Horrible…all words that I used to describe myself before getting help.  Once I learned that I may have a binge eating disorder, I decided to seek help.  I did not want to feel those things day after day.  I wanted to know how to cure myself.  After visiting my primary doctor, she suggested that I find a therapist that dealt with eating disorders.  I called closed to 15 doctor offices before I could find one that would take me on (apparently therapists don’t like dealing with eating disorders).  I was so excited to finally be getting help. I went to therapy for a month and each time I left a session, I still felt worse if not more worse than I already did.  What was supposed to be helping me was making me feel awful and making me want to binge more.  The therapist recommended that I see a nutritionist, attend therapy twice a week, AND go to overeaters anonymous.  I’m a mom, a wife, and a teacher and I definitely did not have time for all of those things but I was told that was what I was going to have to do in order to get better.  I felt so defeated. I felt like I had exhausted all possibilities until one afternoon when I found one of Rande’s video posts.  I seriously thought she had recorded it just for me.  She knew exactly what I was going through and how I felt.  I watched several that afternoon and felt so uplifted.  I felt like I could get better.  I ended up working with Rande for a month (that’s all I needed, once a week for a month). Every session was so positive!  She taught me how to listen to my inner voice and I mean really listen.  She taught me how to learn to love myself and to drop labels. Happy. Positive. Thankful Beautiful. FREE….all things I now feel thanks to Rande and what she has taught me. – Kristen D.

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