The Eat to Feel Good “Diet”


Raw Foods. Paleo. High Carb Low Fat. Low Carb High Fat. Juice Fasting.

Traditional Eating. Vegan. Fruitarian. Superfoods. Calorie Counting.

Emotional Eating. Overeating. Binge Eating.

What if you just…ate to feel good?

This book is for you if…

you want to be free of labels like “emotional eater”, “binge eater”, and “overeater”.

you’d love to be able to trust your body.

you want to feel like you can trust yourself around food.

you’re done with the countless diets and quick-fixes you’ve tried.

you want to feel totally at home in your body.

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Check out what readers are saying:


“This book could not have entered my life at a better time. After a decade of obsessive diets, cleanses, and body image issues, this little book gave me the courage to listen to my body and try something new. The result? I have a completely new relationship with my food and my body built around trust, love, and pleasure rather than deprivation and fear. I eat more food than I have in years, I enjoy it, AND I finally lost that 10-15 pounds of guilt and shame that I kept around for fear of letting myself be free.”  Rande is a total rockstar. – Mary Beth


“I think you’re here for something bigger than having a certain body,” Rande writes on the first page of this incredible and important book. During my years of detoxing (and retoxing), and food (or lack of food) obsession, and straight up orthorexia, I forgot the truth in that statement; that we are here in this life for something more. And Rande’s book helps me remember that; it is a guide to liberation. It is a handbook for freedom from the paths of self-harm that so many of us have walked for too many years of our lives.

I feel grateful that I am over that time in my life when I thought that a juice fast was the key to happiness and contentment, but I think it’s very easy for those orthorexic thoughts to creep back in, and that is why I am so glad Rande wrote this book. For me, it’s become a helpful thing to turn too if I feel those old habits, or if I hear my inner-voice saying not so kind things to myself about my body or my choices. This book helps me remember to stay present with what matters.

I feel like this book is a must-read for anyone who possesses any kind of diet-obsessive tendencies. Whether you’re in the thick of it, or years out of the worst of it, this book is a beautiful testament to how much fuller and richer our existences could be by ridding ourselves of the need for the kind of “perfection” that is attained through self-abuse. Rande’s Six Steps are inspiring, warm, motivating, and practical.

I cannot recommend this book enough. Thank you, Rande! – raechel @rebel grrrl living

Rande’s book, The Eat to Feel Good “Diet” is a must-read for anyone suffering from food and body struggles. Whether you restrict, binge, yo-yo diet, obsess over eating “clean,” fast and detox regularly, over-exercise, or follow rigid food rules – YOU WANT TO READ THIS BOOK. In it, Rande identifies herself as one of you, someone who knows what it is like to pursue body perfection as a means of obtaining peace and wholeness only to find out that no matter how much she controls or how little she eats – it is never enough. She’s never enough.

The good news is that while Rande identifies with the struggle she also provides her readers with hope through the food and body truths she discovered on her own road to recovery. The Eat to Feel Good “Diet” is filled with simple, easy-to-follow wisdom along with the grace to make mistakes on your unique path to food and body freedom (the author humbly shares her own).

Rande is both a talented writer and a knowledgeable coach. Any person who is struggling to love and nourish their body would do well to have her in their corner as a resource and a friend. – Lu Uhrich


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