The Freedom Sessions


Do you feel like food controls your life?


You KNOW that you’re a smart, talented, interesting woman with BIG dreams…but you still can’t find peace with what’s on your plate.


You’ve read all the books, listened to podcasts, tried ALL the diets and followed those magical beings who claim to have found freedom and yet…you’re still feeling stuck. Maybe you’re doubting that you can EVER feel free in your body and around food.

Well stop right there because I wondered the same thing.

I thought that maybe I was the only person who thought about food all day long.

I thought that maybe I was the sole person who was incapable of putting an end to binge and emotional eating.

I thought that I had exhausted my options: raw foods, low carb, juice fasts lasting anywhere from 10-90 days, sugar-free, meditations for eating mindfully, support groups for overeaters, journaling my feelings…you name it, I had given it a fair shot.

You are not alone.from 90 day juice fasts to freedom Freedom is possible. How do I know? Well I count my lucky stars every day but I FOUND IT! And I’ve wrapped up my WHOLE story plus all the juicy secrets and insights I collected in a program called The Freedom Sessions.

The Freedom Sessions is a 12-week self-guided program that will answer the following questions:

  1. How do I actually listen to my body?
  2. Why can’t I let this emotional eating thing go?
  3. How can I really feel FREE in my body?
  4. Why has all my dieting not worked for me?
  5. Why can’t I stop eating “insert-trigger-food-here”?
  6. How can I move past this whole food thing so I can live a bigger LIFE?








Here’s what

you’ll get:


12 audio recordings and guided meditations on each topic.

A “recommended reading” list with all my favorite books related to food and body.



12 weekly workbooks full of life-changing insights and solid ACTION steps towards FREEDOM:

Week 1: Aliveness

Week 2: What’s Really Toxic? The Ultimate Belief System Detox

Week 3: It’s Not About the Food…Except When It’s About the Food: Compulsive, Emotional & Binge Eating.

Week 4: Beauty Ideals and Self Acceptance.

Week 5: Pleasure and the Food Addict.

Week 6: The Gifts of our Humanity: Perfectionism and Metabolism.

Week 7: Blissful Balance.

Week 8: Embody and Nourish.

Week 9: Moving to Feel Good and the Discipline of Self Love.

Week 10: Lightness and Power.

Weel 11: Craving Life.

Week 12: Happily Ever After & The Myth of “Arriving”
Price: $99 $49.50

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