What To Do After A Binge.

What To Do After A Binge.


I know how much it hurts.


I know how much you wanted to “never binge again”.


I know how much you want to be doing ANYTHING but Googling “what to do after a binge?”.


If I could wave a magic wand and make this all disappear for you, I would…but I can’t, for a very good reason.


No, not because magic isn’t real (or isn’t it?) but because your binge eating is 100% there IN SUPPORT OF YOU.


It’s FOR you.


And as long as you see it as a shameful, lack-of-willpower, gotta’-get-it-under-control demon…it’ll stick around.


As long as you fight it…it’ll fight back.


Got it?




But in the meantime, you’ve got a nauseatingly full belly and a heart full of aching disappointment to face.


I’m here for you.




I know what it’s like to bring that food right back up.


I know what it’s like to hop on the treadmill for two hours.


I know what it’s like to slice my feelings into my limbs.


…and I know what it’s like to do the hardest thing: forgive.


I know.


You feel like if you forgive yourself, you’ll keep doing it again, and again, and again.


But go with me here ’cause…has anything else worked?


Since you’re here, I’m gonna guess nothing else has.


Now flipping a switch and forgiving isn’t so easy is it?


I could tell you to “go for a run” or “drink some water” or “take a bath” – but that advice has been given a million times.


Take it or leave it but let’s dig deeper:




  1. Treat yourself like you would a lover or a child. Be tender. Speak soothingly. You just went through a lot and I bet it wasn’t even that fun beyond the first few minutes! Deepen your breath. Feel your body, no matter how uncomfortable it is. BE there for yourself rather than punishing yourself. Punishing never leads to healing.
  2. Promise yourself you won’t “start over” – rather you’ll start listening. It’s very easy to feel like this will be the “last time” or that we’ll “start over” after the binge. Maybe we even went into the binge with thoughts of Monday’s diet plan in our minds! It feels so promising to be able to surrender to the binge with the hope of that fresh start. Don’t do it. Make your fresh start in every moment. Commit to BEING with yourself rather than running away. If the pull to binge comes up again, it’s there for a reason. Be with it. Binge consciously. Taste everything. Feel what you’re feeling. Over time, you’ll be able to separate yourself from the binge with a lot more ease.
  3. Take a deeper look. Pull out a notebook and list every positive way binges are there for you (check out this post for examples of what binge eating taught me). Every single thing we do, we do for a damn good reason. What benefits does binge eating give you? How does it make you FEEL (at least briefly)? How can you support yourself in experiencing those feelings without harming yourself?



What I love about this approach is that it allows you to use the binge eating for your growth and self-discovery, rather than treating it as a disease or something that makes you “broken”.


You are not broken.


You are deliciously amazing – and being YOU is more delicious than ANYTHING you could put in your mouth.


Sending you love – you’ve got this.



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