What “Wellness” Means to Me.

What “Wellness” Means to Me.

“Wellness” has been a part of my tagline from the start. I played around with the rest: “body image” became “body love” and “emotional eating” became “intuitive eating”, but that little “wellness” bit remains.

I toyed with the thought of removing it. But I couldn’t bring myself to do it because wellness plays a huge role in my life and in what I teach.

But “wellness” isn’t all yoga and green juice. My expression of “wellness” isn’t being simply “not sick”.


This is what being “well” means to me:


Being able to laugh easily and not take myself too seriously
Feeling ALIVE in my skin.
Respecting myself, my body, my choices and respecting others’ and their choices.
Living connected with my body and listening to what she needs.
Always knowing that my body is on my side.
Being able to detach from outside opinions of me, whether positive or negative.
Always, always, always speaking kindly to and about myself.
Appreciating and managing the energy I have from day to day.

Flexibility: always being willing to grow and question limiting beliefs.

Making time for fresh air, trees, sunshine (away from electronic devices!!).

Moving and challenging my body in ways that feel good.
The ability to be present without distractions (and not needing to use FOOD as a distraction!)
Ever-growing creative expression.


Wellness is holistic. I used to be a huge sucker for “before and after” pictures. You know, the ones with the miserable looking “before” and the elated “after”? But all those pictures shows is what’s on the surface. In order for that surface transformation to be sustainable, there needs to be a holistic “before and after”. That’s what I needed and that’s what I aim for with my clients.


If you haven’t checked it out lately,  I’ve expanded my service offerings! If you’re hoping to drop emotional eating patterns, find freedom with food, and feel absolutely delicious in your skin, we should chat.


Now I would love to know, what does wellness mean to YOU?



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