The Usefulness of Jealousy.

The Usefulness of Jealousy.

In the body-positive and self-acceptance movements we’re always being told we need to “let go” of wanting to lose weight and that we “shouldn’t be jealous” because we’re “perfect as we are”.

I agree…mostly.

But how’s it goin’ for ya?

Are you the zen-est of the zen about your weight without a hint of jealousy over the girl with no lumps or bumps in her thighs?

If so…this post is not for you and you may go on your merry, blissed-out way.

For the rest of us, here’s where jealousy can be useful:

What does the girl with the perfect thighs trigger in you?

When you see her, do you imagine how effortless she feels?

How easy her life must be?

What magic she must experience living life in a body like that?

Close your eyes and imagine being her for a moment: how does it FEEL?

Free? Light? Inspired? Confident? Energized? Content?

((Insert your own imaginings here))


You don’t need the body.

You don’t know that she feels those things.

What you DO know is that seeing her wakes up something inside of YOU – and it’s NOT what you see on the surface.

You’re jealous of the freedom you perceive.

You ache for the lightness you imagine.

You’re itching for the confidence you don’t have right now.

But RIGHT NOW is all we ever have.

How can you begin to cultivate FREEDOM and LIGHTNESS and CONFIDENCE now?

Because I promise you this, even if you end up in your “dream body”…it won’t guarantee any of those other things if you’re not cultivating them NOW.

Your jealousy is useful…but dig deeper.

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