Why I Wish I Hadn’t Dieted Before My Wedding

Why I Wish I Hadn’t Dieted Before My Wedding

The year I got married, I embarked on a 90-day juice fast.

Yeppers, nothing but straight juice for 3 months.

And somewhere in the middle…I bought my wedding dress.

If you’d have asked me at the start what was motivating me, I’d have listed off a myriad of spiritual and emotional goals, and they would have been absolutely true.

…what I wouldn’t have told you is how badly I wanted to be a crazy-hot bride in a size zero dress.

It felt…shallow.

And I did NOT want to be seen as shallow.

Post-fast, I lived on salads and coffee with a mega-side of shameful binge eating.

((I even had a blog series titled “Wheatgrass and the Wedding Dress” all about my rigid routine!))

I remember my fiancee’ coming home to find me slumped on the kitchen floor, sobbing.

















I’d eaten (approximately) a bazillion chocolate truffles and through tears, I told her that I felt guilty every. time. I. ate.

Trying on *the dress* was a daily exercise that I used as “motivation”.

If I could reach back and give my engaged-self a giant hug and a bit ‘o wisdom, here’s what I’d tell her:

1. GET THE DRESS ALTERED. Seriously. You bought this thing when you weren’t eating. Make it fit YOU rather than turning your life upside down to fit IT.

2. GIVE YOURSELF A BREAK. You didn’t eat solid food for 3-months. Your body’s needs for pleasure and nourishment are HUGE. Honor that.

3. A PRESENT BRIDE IS MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN A SELF-OBSESSED ONE. I know you want to look good. But showing up on the day of the wedding with a string of crazed-obsessed-bingey months behind you will keep you from actually having the best day of your life. Be with yourself TODAY, and each day that leads up to it.

4. EAT. Just eat. Your body isn’t as out-of-control as you think it is. Some day’s you’ll be hungrier. Some day’s you won’t be as hungry. Some days you’ll want the truffles and other days you’ll want the veggies. You don’t have to try so hard <3

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